EKO AssassinM01

A male Assassin in L1 gear.

The Assasin is a class available to Thieves alone. This class uses claws, one on each hand, that attack in a rapid manner. As with all classes, the first time you change into this class you will be reset to level 1.

Assassin Trial

To unlock the ability to change your class to an Assassin, you must complete the [Battle at Rampart] story quest, unlockable at L12. Doing so gives you the right to take the Assassin Trial quest given to you by Asheed in the [Elrond Castle TownClass Change Temple. To complete this quest and unlock the Assassin, you must defeat four grim assassins. Upon completing these requirements you may report back to Asheed to unlock the ability to change freely into the Assassin class.

WARNING - All items will be unequipped and you will be reset to level 1. However, you may change back to your Thief by opening the menu and selecting class change, and choosing your respective class. Assassin items will be unequipped in the process and you will have to equip your previous class respective items.

Class Skills

Skill Level Skill Power MP Effect Information Transferable
2 Mental Focus - 6 Focus mind and temporarily raise Attack N
3 Hypno Gaze - 18 Momentarily lull enemy to sleep with curse stare N
5 Poison Hand - 16 Temporarily poison enemy with concealed needle Y
7 Slayer Formula - Use dark arts to temporarily increase ATK but lower def N
10 Helmet Break - 13 Temporarily weaken enemy DEF using hand-sword attack N
15 Serpent Flash Lv1 29 Strike enemy with black light attack Y
20 Blowgun - 32 Briefly paralyse enemy with blow dart N
25 Serpent Flash Lv2 62 Slice enemy with black light attack Y
- Selene's left - Elemental Burst. Charged right arm inflicts damage and poisons enemy. N
- Helios' right - Elemental Burts. Charged left arm inflicts damage and paralyzes enemy. N

Stat Boosts

Skill Level Effect
4 Max HP +10
8 Spd +20
16 Def +5
18 Max HP +20
30 Spd +40
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