Classimg cleric

A disciple that heals all pain.

Having received training as a warrior-priest, with mace in hand, the cleric's strength in battle is not as low as thought; nevertheless, wielding restore magic to help their allies is their forte.

Fulfil the requirements to gain access to advanced classes...

▼Conversion Classes

Monk - Bishop - Dragon Buster - Dragon Saber - Dragon Lancer

Class Skills

Skill Level Skill Power MP Effect Information Transferable
1 Self Heal Lv1 Caster Lv x2.5 10 Heals self. offer prayer to restore own hp (3 sec channel, 3 sec cooldown) Y
1 Heal Lv1 Caster Lv x2.5 10 Heals target recover target hp. This is a foundation skill for any cleric! (5 sec channel, 3 sec cd) N
1 Angel Flow 90 7 Damage 1 enemy Y
3 Ritual Touch 16 Max HP +20, Def +10% for 10mins. Focuses spirit to increase stamina and defense. N
5 Mercy Heart 21 Max HP +10, Def +10% for 10mins. A cleric's unconditional compassion becomes a protective power that wraps itself around the body. Can be used both on self and on friends. N
5 Holy Smite Lv1 14 Damage 1 enemy. A pulse of divine light strikes the target. Magic attack. N
7 curse poison 20 remove poison effect on target (1 sec channel, 10 sec cd) Y
10 Self Heal Lv2 Caster Lv x4.5 30 Heals self. Y
15 Heal Lv2 Caster Lv x4.5 30 Heals target. N
15 Holy Might Lv2 45 N
15 silence 26 Y
20 Group Heal Lv1 Caster Lv x2.5 40 Group restore magic commanded by the most devout clerics. Y
- ライトロウ - N

Stat Boosts

Skill Level Effect
4 Max HP +10
8 Atk +5
18 Max HP +20
30 Max Attack +100
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