Classimg fighter

A mighty warrior who yields to no enemy attack.
This class is the ultimate protection for a party!

The warrior commands sword & shield to excel in close combat.

Fulfil prerequisites to gain access to advanced classes...

▼Conversion Classes
Guardian - Magiknight - Dragon Buster - Dragon Saber - Dragon Lancer

Class Skills

Skill Level Skill Power MP Effect Information Transferable
1 Taunt - 0 Lure 1 enemy. Attract the enemies' attention to protect your friends. Useful for when your allies are surrounded by monsters. Y
2 Amok Slam 100 15 Damage 1 enemy. Briskly slam weapon into enemy for damage. N
3 Soldier Knowledge - 6 Def+300 but Atk -300 for 10mins. Assume fighter stance to fortify defense. Defense goes up at the cost of slightly lowered attack power. N
5 Battle Valor - 7 Def +200 for 10mins. Standing up no matter how strong the foe, a fighter's courage strengthens their body. Can be used both on self and on friends. N
7 Defense Form - 20 Def +600 but Atk -800 for 1mins. Temporary raise defence at the cost of attack. Y
10 Area Taunt - 0 Lure 1 enemy. Enemies surrounding target will also be lured. Use fighting spirit to attract enemies. N
15 Slash 100 12 Damage 1 enemy. A favorite fencing technique among mercenaries. Attack by sweeping weapon from below. Y
20 Substitute - 0 Caster takes damage that would normally go to member. Take damage for your friend. Y
- Flame Blade 115 0 Damage 1 enemy. Self and nearby party members +10% Atk for 1min. Elemental Burst. Inflict fire damage on enemy and raise ATK of allies in range. N

Stat Boosts

Skill Level Effect
4 Max HP +10
8 Def +50
18 Max HP +20
30 Def +100
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