Game Bugs are unintentional errors in the game. They can range from typos to graphical errors.

Note: Do not abuse glitches in the game. It will result in a penalty if you do so. For example, people who abused the free gacha ticket glitch and did not report it were temporarily banned for the sake of balance and had their gacha items that were illegitimately earned removed. Report glitches as soon as possible.


Colkia village

An example of a minimap typo. The bottom exit should read Colkia Plains, not Colkia Village.

IMG 0246 1

Item Tab button is missing from the menu.

These bugs are considered to be gamebreaking and should be given priority.

Minimap typos

Some minimaps, some as Colkia Village, have incorrectly named exits.

-3rd July

Increase/Decrease Typos

A majority of skill effects, when used, have increase/decrease typos. For example, a skill that gives 5 defence will say 5 defence decrease in the status screen when it should say 5 defence increase.

-3rd July

Disappearing Item Tab

Ever since the maintenance that occured before the Enter the Army of Darkness ~The Order of Knights Unite~ event, oftentimes the Item tab will not appear in the ingame brought up Menu. While this can be circumvented by using the quick shortcut tab on the bottom right and is sometimes fixed by relogging in, having a menu button disappear completely is abnormal.

-3rd July

Chat Character Limit Typo

The notificiation that a user cannot type more than 32 characters should read 16 characters instead, as that is the actual limit.


These bugs are considered to be non gamebreaking and are not as important to fix.

Monsters ignoring terrain objects

Sometimes, in places that have unpassable objects (such as in Elrond Underground Canal's boxes and Zeth Forest (E)'s rocks), monsters sometimes go over the objects, appearing on top of them, and then travel in the air for some distance before going down. As the monsters can still be targeted and attack due to how the game works, it's not really a problem, just a bizarre sight.

-3rd July