EKO MonkM01

A male Monk in L1 gear.

The Monk is a class available to only Thieves and Clerics. As with all classes, the first time you change into this class you will be reset to level 1.

Monk Trial

To unlock the ability to change your class to a Monk, you must complete the [Battle at Rampart] story quest, unlockable at L12. Doing so gives you the right to take the Monk class change quest given by Reppa, in the[Elrond Castle TownClass Change Temple. This quest requires that you defeat four Grim Monk L7 which are located in Purify Chamber. Once you complete the quest you may report back to Reppa to change into a Monk.

WARNING - All items will be unequipped and you will be reset to level 1. However, you may change back to your Thief or Cleric by opening the menu and selecting class change, and choosing your respective class. Monk items will be unequipped in the process and you will have to equip your previous class respective items.

Class Skills

Skill Level Skill Power MP Effect Information Transferable
2 Meditate 0 Heal HP through meditation (10 sec channel, 50 sec cooldown) N
3 Nirvana Stance* - 25 Increase in ATK %, -99% SPI (healing effect) for 30 seconds. Stance that raises ATK but lowers SPI N
4 Qigong Lv1 18 Heals target, double effect w human stance Restores target HP through qigong (5 sec channel, 10 sec cd) Y
6 Earth Stance - 25 99% ATK decrease, increase guard chance (lower enemy atk) for 30 seconds. Stance that raises guard but drastically lowers ATK N
7 Iron Fist 28 Strikes enemy with trained fist Y
10 Human Stance 25 99% DEF decrease, increase 300 SPI (healing effect) for 30 sec Stance hat raises DEF but lowers SPI N
15 Qigong Lv2 42 Restores target HP through qigong (5 sec channel, 10 cd) Y
20 Tiger Blast 55 Intense punch of burning hurts foe Y
- Blast Fist -

(elemental burst) Damage 1 enemy + inflict Damage Over Time

Invoke Burst! Left fist flew!



(elemental burst) inflict damage and heal 3 times within 27 sec N
isolated astral N

*im not sure about the percent scale of nirvana but the more atk u have the more atk boost it will give (ex: 500 atk => buff is 30, 700 atk => buff 40, 800 atk => buff 80)

Stat Boosts

Skill Level Effect
5 Max HP +10
8 Dex +20
18 Max HP +20
30 Dex +40
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