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Thief is the name for this fighter class capable of unleashing a fury of attacks. With dagger in hand, deft movements and one crucial stroke bury their foes. The potential for a death blow compensate any lack in defense!

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Class Skills

Skill Level Quest Requirement Skill Power MP Effect Information Transferable
Iris Harbor Skill Quest

(as called by the community)

Tailwind ? ? Buff your & party member's Avoid & Movement speed until you or they get hit or walk too far Lv 5. Buffs avoid rate exponentially but drops movement speed. N
1 Trick of Group tactic Fake Death ? 16-17 Lay on ground hidden for 1min, if you move the spell is canceled [Hiding]Delude for with feign death for 1min. N
1 Work towards the strongest Rush ? ? Double attack speed for 25 seconds Quicken attack speed for 25sec. N
1 Get a drink Entangled ? 25-28 Single hit & slows monster's movement speed by 33% for 30 seconds. Has a 10% higher chance to hit Deal damage and then cause for to snare and AGI -33% for 30sec. Accuracy+10. N
2 None Sneak Attack  ? 9-20 Single hit (Dark Damage) Surprise attack from the shadows inflicts damage (Has a chance to stun while hiding) Y
3 None Feint Attack  ? ? Double hit Stab enemy's vital part for damage (Same description as Vital Blow) N
5 None Thief Trick  ? ? +100 AGI for 10 min Temporarily raise AGI N
6 None Gale Array  ? ? DEX +50 AGI +50 for 10 min Temporarily raise DEX & AGI of target with shadow force Y
7 None Seal Blitz  17-21 ? Single hit (Dark Damage) & chance to silence enemy Temporarily cast curse on enemy that seals skills Y
10 None Vital Blow  ? ? Triple hit Stab enemy's vital part for damage Y
15 None Phantom  ?  ? Single hit & chance to put enemy to sleep Lures enemy into shadow and lulls them to sleep Y
20 None Thief's Avoidance ? ? AGI +200 for 3 min Temporarily raise AGI N
27 None Aura Snatch ? ? Take away buff from enemy (with one durability) & chance to gain buff yourself Dispell a foe's any buff that have durability up to 1. and then occasionally gain any N
30 Millennium Tree

(as called by the community)

Dig deeper !! ? 30-60 Raises your max critical multiplication based on your AGI & has 3 phases

Phase 1: 1x effect

Phase 2: 1.25x effect

Phase 3: 2x effect

Each phase is 1 min

(I think)

Temporarily raise Critical Max mult by AGI N

Stat Boosts

Skill Level Effect Transferrable
4 Atk+5 Y
8 Max HP+10 Y
12 Thief's Arts 1 (Atk+3, Def+2) N
16 Def+5 Y
18 Max HP+20 Y
22 Thief Arts 2 (Agi+20) N
24 Thief Arts 3 (Str+20) N
26 Thief Arts 4 (Dex+20) N
28 Thief Arts 5 (Agi+20) N
30 Atk+100 Y
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