Classimg wizard

Wields vast magical power and magical staffs that turns their enemies into dust.

Although defense is the lowest of all the classes, their superior magic more than compensates.

Fulfil the requirements to gain access to advanced classes...

▼Conversion Classes
Magiknight - Warlock - Dragon Buster - Dragon Saber -
Dragon Lancer

Class Skills

Skill Level Skill Power MP Effect Information Transferable
1 Firebolt Lv1 14 A fireball the size of a fist is thrown. The foundation of all offensive magic. Y
3 Wizard Gnosis 20 Focuses spirit to increase magic attack and defense. N
5 Guiding Light 28 Light emanates from the wizard and becomes a protective wall. Also amplifies magic attack. Can be used both on self and on friends. N
5 Thunder Blast Lv1 19 Gathers the thunder spirits' power from the atmosphere and launches it at the enemy. Results in big damage at the cost of considerable MP. Y
7 Poison Strike Lv1 4 N
10 Frost Strike Lv1 25 Hurls an ice pillar of absolute zero. This skill's attribute directly opposes fire. Y
15 Poison Strike Lv2 7 N
20 Firebolt Lv2 38 Y
25 Thunder Blast Lv2 50 Y
30 Frost Strike Lv2 63 Y
- Freeze Shock - N

Stat Boosts

Skill Level Name/Effect Active on other classes?
4 DEF + 50 Yes
10 Max HP + 10 Yes
12 Wizard's Arts 1 (Max MP + 20) Wizard-only
18 Max HP + 20 Yes
22 Wizard's Arts 2 (INT + 20) Wizard-only
24 Wizard's Arts 3 (DEX + 20) Wizard-only
26 Wizard's Arts 4 (INT + 20) Wizard-only
28 Wizard's Arts 5 (INT + 20) Wizard-only
29 DEF + 100 Yes
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